The Worlds Most Expensive Watches

They say that you can’t put a price on time. Well, as our countdown of the World’s Most Expensive Watches will show you, some people have tried! Over the course of this blog we will be taking you through a brief tour of the World’s Most Expensive Watches and hopefully showing you how weird and wacky the world of watches can be.

10. Cartier Secret Watch with Pheonix Décor – £1.64 MILLION










This small and intricate timepiece from Cartier is set with over 3000 exquisite Emeralds diamonds and has a total weight of 80 Carats, not to mention the Rhodium plated 18ct White Gold.

9. Patek Phillipe 1953 Heures Universelles Model 2523 – £1.73 MILLION











Whilst this watch may not look as impressive as the Cartier to the untrained eye, its hefty price tag wasn’t enough to stop one auction bidder from snapping it up. Featuring a polychrome and a dial of enamel that depicts the North American continent’s map this watch also has a beautiful 18ct Gold case to boot.

8.Piaget Emperador Temple  – £2 MILLION












This opulent watch carries on the tradition of expensive watches that are covered with expensive diamonds. Many enthusiasts will know this watch as the ‘Fully Iced Piaget’  referring to its complete diamond encrusting. This watch has two parts of the case the first part is designed with 207 baguette cut diamonds, 481 brilliant cut diamonds, and an emerald cut diamond that is located on the top of the case whereas the second part contain a watch that has a dial made up of Polynesian mother of pearl and is adorned with 173 diamonds in baguette and brilliant cuts.

7. Patek Phillipe 1928 Single Button Chronograph Watch – £2.1 MILLION











The second, and not the last, Patek to feature on our countdown. This watch was manufactured on the edge of the crash of the stock market and therefore is known as one of the most symbolic Patek Philippe watches ever made. It is also laced with 18 Carat Pure White Gold and is set with 23 beautiful jewels.

6. Patek Phillipe Platinum World Time – £2.4 MILLION














Yet another Patek Phillipe has muscled its way onto our countdown. This particular watch is truly one of a kind as it was built in 1939 and is made completely of platinum. It also displays 24 time zones and can wind itself.

5.Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch – £2.7 MILLION














Constructed with 4 pieces of separate rare meteorites from around the universe this watch is truly out of this world!

4. Hublot Diamond Watch – £3 MILLION










Hublot is a favorite with may high profile celebs, notably undefeated Boxer Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, due to their iconic designs and hefty price tag.  To construct this masterpiece Hublot assigned 17 employees, took 14 months and used 1200 exquisite diamonds alongside the 18ct White Gold that they added for good measure. A true Icon.

3. Patek Phillipe ref.1527 – £3.4 MILLON











The penultimate Patek on our countdown, this Patek was made during the World Wars and was recently sold in Christie’s Auction in Geneva for an eye-watering £3.4 MILLION. This watch features a perpetual calender and a moon-phase dial and at 37mm the 18ct Gold case was considered unusually large at the time.

2. Patek Phillipe Super Complication £6.5 MILLION










Amazingly, this particular model from the behemoth Swiss watch maker was renowned for having the most complicated movement up until 1989. This 18ct Yellow Gold watch took 5 years to make, and was finally completed in 1933. A beautiful pocket watch with a rich history.

1. Chopard 210 Carat – £14.8 MILLION










We have finally arrived at the Most Expensive Watch ever sold, and what a watch it is. In this watch there are three impressive heart shaped diamonds, the pink diamond of 15 carat, the blue diamond of 12 carat, the white diamond of 11 carat that swing around a flower motif lined bracelet with yellow and white gold hardware and a handful of diamonds in between making up the remaining 163 carats. This watch symbolizes the pinnacle of luxury and extravagance and i’m sure will not have its Crown of  ‘Worlds Most Expensive’ Watch taken any time soon.

*A special mention has to be made to the Rolex Mens Platinum Pearlmaster Day-Date with Diamond Bezel and Meteorite Dial – Available at Market Cross Jewellers for £39,950.

Written by Jonathan Hoole.


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