Top 5 Watch Blogs

If you’re reading this then I think we can safely assume that you are a fan of either fine jewellery or blogs. This countdown will take you through the ‘Top 5’ Watch Blogs to get you through your morning commute or extended coffee break.

5. Dream Chrono

The first entry on this countdown can be found at – This particular blog is laid out in a way which is easy for the user to navigate and features large images instantly draw your attention to their articles. From what we have read so far, this particular blog is aimed at providing an up to date narrative of the watch industry. You will be able to read about the most recent happenings within the industry, such as their post about Basleworld: 2014 indicates.

4. Watch Time

Whilst this particular blog is displayed in a more linear and text-heavy fashion, it slips in just above the previous blog die to its relevant and helpful articles. Watch Time seem to put an emphasis on you as the buyer of prestige and luxury watches. Whilst much of this information may not be relevant to the blue-collar worker, their advice is great. A recent article that supports this suggestion is named Fratello Friday: Which Watch Brands Are Most Likely to Increase in Value? (Part 1). This information is frank and concise and leads to you believe all of the information  that is written is accurate.

 3. aBlogtoWatch

Sitting directly in the middle of our list is the – This particular blog is extremely easy to use as all of the information is displayed properly on a web page with drop down menus and different tabs to open, a refreshing change to the linear blog spot pages we are all used to.  A plethora of information, from reviews to competitions can be found with supreme ease. A great blog for any budding watch enthusiasts!

2. Hodinkee

The penultimate Blog on our list was a genuine contender for the top spot – It is displayed in the same fashion as aBlogtoWatch with its engaging webpage format, however the masterful imagery and orientation of the page is far superior making for a very easy read. As anyone who writes a blog will know, content is king, and Hodinkee have some fantastic and thoroughly interesting articles. What makes Hodinkee so spectacular is that they seem to publish information way before it has become common knowledge. This may be due to the fact that the have long established partnerships with prestigious companies such as Sotherby’s of New York and the people behind Basleworld. An engaging and informative read for anyone who is interested in horology.

1. Market Cross Jewellers Blog

The final blog on our countdown. Now, seems as though you are reading this article in the first place we will assume that you agree with us. Nowhere else on the vast expanse of the internet will you find a blog that covers as many bases as Market Cross Jewellers does. From diamonds to designer watches you will be able to find meticulously written articles by people who are in or are interested in the watch and jewellery trade. Each blog post offers a different and unique perspective to the previous one, due to the host of talented guest bloggers, many of whom have vast experience in the jewllery trade. This allows the reader to have confidence that everything written is factual and this is a priceless commodity in today’s market. With fresh and current content being added regularly, this is the go to destination for aficionados and professionals alike.

Written by Jonathan Hoole.

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