An insight into Hublot, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Time-keeper.

The Time Has Come

On the eve of the inaugural match of arguably the biggest sporting event in human history, we are going to take you on a brief tour of the events official time-keeper, Hublot.
The world’s attention has been turned towards Brazil this summer, as it hosts the FIFA World Cup for just the 2nd time in over 60 years, and having the privilege of being an official sponsor for this event is a terrific achievement and an equally daunting task. However, if any brand is able to step up to the intense scrutiny, Hublot are as good a choice as any.


Hublot were able to secure the honor of being the competitions official time-keeper just over a year before the main event began. The news was released to the public in the iconic Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot, alongside the equally iconic football legend and 3-time winner of the FIFA World Cup, Pele.

As the gargantuan Hublot clock was unveiled in the searing sun that the players of this year’s tournament will have to endure, it signaled to the world that the somewhat turbulent countdown to the 2014 FIFA World Cup had begun.

Hublot may not be a household name to many, and this is somewhat understandable, as they command huge prices and pride themselves on being unusual and brash. To emphasize this point I would like to direct you towards the ‘Hublot –  Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono King Gold Carbon’ watch displayed below.

A Hublot that is paying tribute to this years FIFA World Cup in Brazil

A Hublot that is paying tribute to this years FIFA World Cup in Brazil






















Limited to just 100 pieces worldwide, the striking yellow and green adornments pay homage to the host nation’s national colours and the Rose Gold/Carbon fiber combination on the bezel and case exude a typically decadent feel that we have come to expect from Hublot watches.

A watch of this caliber would require your wallet to be as flexible as one of the players appearing at the tournament, as this particular model will set you back around £25,000.

So, is this astronomical price justified you ask? Well, the innovative Hublot firmly believe so. In 1980 Hublot shocked the world by being the first luxury watch maker in the world to fuse a precious metal case with a rubber strap, paving the way for the ‘fusion’ movement. Using only the finest precious and industrial materials and master horologists, Hublot’s foray into the luxury watch market took off.

Going Places

Hublot’s short history however has produced some of the finest watches known to man; including the ‘$5 million’  dubbed as the ‘most expensive’ watch in the world. Alongside this enviable achievement Hublot have secured the sponsorship of some of the biggest sporting events around the globe, notably a deal which has seen them crowned Formula 1’s official watch maker and a deal with football club Manchester United, worth around £4 million a year.

I think it’s fair to say that Hublot is a brand that is going places and is most certainly here to stay.

By Jonathan Hoole

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