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The Worlds Most Expensive Watches

They say that you can’t put a price on time. Well, as our countdown of the World’s Most Expensive Watches will show you, some people have tried! Over the course of this blog we will be taking you through a brief tour of the World’s Most Expensive Watches and hopefully showing you how weird and wacky the world of watches can be. 10. Cartier Secret Watch with Pheonix Décor – £1.64 MILLION                 This small and intricate timepiece from Cartier is set with... Read More

Market Cross Jewellers Interview with Nomination Jewellery Brand Manager

This week we’re interviewing Kendra Wratten, the brand manager for Nomination Jewellery at Market Cross Jewellers. Kendra loves anything sparkly and simple loves everything about Nomination!  Find out why below! Q. How does it feel to oversee such a popular brand like Nomination? K.W – Exciting! Nomination are always releasing new charms every season and I love getting stuck in with all the new collections. The new Hello Kitty range of Nomination has just been released and it’s fab! I love it 🙂 Q. What are your all time favourite... Read More

Top 5 Nomination Charm Collections for Your Bracelet

The Nomination charm collection is so large it can be overwhelming to know what to look for, with so many ranges and variations, gazing into a screen filled with 1000’s of possibilities can turn you blind. We’ve looked at previous sales and enquiries to help bring you the top 5 Nomination families available at Market Cross Jewellers. Based on the popularity of the ranges, we’ll break down some of the most popular themes and pick some of our favourite Nomination charms for you to consider. Nomination Letter Charms By far the... Read More

Market Cross Staff Interview with Raymond Weil Brand Manager Matthew McDougall

In this edition of the Market Cross Blog we will be interviewing Head Office Staff Member and the Raymond Weil brand manager, Matthew McDougall. Matthew, has been working for Market Cross Jewellers, at their Head Office, for the last 2 years. After finishing college, where he studied I.T, he decided to pursue a career in I.T at Market Cross, and his ability was quickly noticed leading to his rise to the current position he now holds within the company. He has a real interest and wealth of knowledge about the... Read More

Nomination Charm Bracelets – Tell Your Story

Italian brand Nomination design stunning bracelets that can help you tell your story. With hundreds of different charms to choose from, you will be sure to find a charm that suits the memory you want to cherish. Along side your story, you will find a great selection of Nomination charms to show off what you love, your hobbies, your interests or just about you. Offering a large variety of styles, Nomination includes gold, enamel and precious stones embedded into their charms, allowing you to get creative in the placement and... Read More

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Spring/Summer 2014

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Spring/Summer 2014- Coming Soon The stunning fashion jewellery brand Thomas Sabo has released a new range of charms available this year. Introducing a Summer Feeling, Oriental Chic, I Love London and New York Style range, Thomas Sabo continues to deliver some excellent ranges that allow people to customise their bracelets as they see fit. You can browse the latest range online on the Thomas Sabo website. At Market Cross Jewellers we feature a stunning range of Thomas Sabo charms available to buy online, starting from as... Read More

Limited Edition ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Omega Speedmaster – 311.

Omega Limited Edition Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Watch Timing is Everything With the winter Olympics in full swing in Russia, official timekeepers Omega are the watch brand that everyone is currently talking about. So, wouldn’t it just be the perfect time to release a Limited Edition watch? Well, that’s just what Omega has done! A sleek and sporty edition to their already impressive ‘Speed Master’ range, the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is packed with features that justify its hefty price tag. Starting with the aesthetics, this... Read More

Valentines Day at Market Cross Jewellers

Valentines Day The season of love is upon us. Valentines Day is the perfect time to treat your partner and express your love with the timeless gift of jewelry.  Here at Market Cross Jewellers we have a fantastic selection of gifts, ranging from sparkling diamonds to prestige time pieces. Delicious Diamonds One gift that you should definitely bear in mind this Valentines Day is the Canadian Ice Range at Market Cross Jewellers. This collection of stunning diamond rings in a range styles epitomize class and could very well be the... Read More

Top 5 Watches For Her This Valentines – The Perfect Gifts

Stunning Womens Watches As Recommended by Raindrops of Sapphire Fashion blogger Lorna Buford runs us through some of her favourite watches to buy your loved one this valentines. Want to see more from Lorna? Check out her fashion blog at the bottom of this post. Watches always make a beautiful gift for a lady, especially if you find a gorgeous and fashionable one, which really makes a statement. I find that the bolder and bigger watches in rose gold from brands like Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs are... Read More

A History of Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

Humble Beginnings Since the birth of Market Cross Jewellers in a humble market town in the early 1980’s, their has been a strong affiliation with pre-owned prestige watches, especially Rolex. Appealing to a wider audience and with each timepiece carrying its own little piece of history, stocking seemed like a no-brainer.  As the company has gone from strength to strength adding 12 more stores to its empire and delving into the world of online, we now have a bigger selection of Pre-Owned Rolex than any other retailer in the North... Read More